Love is…

Happy Valentines Day! How about a poem to get you in that Valentines mood! 

Love is.
Love is pulling up the socks you’ve forgotten to wash.
Love is putting up with umpires who might be total tosh. 
Love is dealing with the HKHA – oh my gosh!
Love is. 
Love is training til late after a long hard day.  
Love is Valentines with your teammates instead of your bae.  
Love is the 8am Pocari Sweat to wash the hangover away. 
Love is. 
Love is a thick t-shirt tan line that makes heads turn.
Love is not being able to wear a skirt for all the astro burn.  
Love is heads held high after defeat, ready for the return. 
Love is. 
Love is split eyebrows and bruised knees when balls accidently rise. 
Love is struggling to find jeans to fit big hockey thighs. 
Love is Taobaoing for hours to win the fancy dress prize.
Love is. 
Love is an umpiring commitment you know it’s such fun.
Love is chasing down that youngster off on the run.
Love is sweating buckets warming up before a match has even begun.
Love is. 
Love is wiping away a smug Valley grin.
Love is beers on the patio after a big win.
Love is awesome Football Club team mates, especially a pregnant Muffin!  
Love is. 
Love is charging down a short corner prepared to get hit.
Love is the sweat, the tears, the pain, the determination and grit.
Love is what you give your team doing your bit!