The Mighty Men’s B Team

It was a dark day when Harry Travers handed James Hills-Ingyon the reins to a depleted team struck down by injuries & those reaching their max tenure on this Island playground.

Hong Kong Football Club Men's BsHowever, the Men’s Bs have had an influx of some great new talent pulling youngsters Philipp Boettger up from the D’s, Shep Jr. (when he doesn’t have international duties), Windfull Monthong and Marc ‘Fashion’ Barbance to add to the gas upfront.

We also see new arrivals from Mike Heaven to keep fellow Aussie(s) company and a welcome return of Chris Marshall from ‘different’ international duties.

Ferdi also joins us from the C’s, promoting within key this year as we look to finish top of the table post the seasonal split of the premier league.

In closing, we have a strong squad throughout for this season and as long as Dave Pratt keeps putting away hat-tricks for the crowd & Stu Evans (social sec) keeps teams out the other end in defense, both Patrick Milburn (vc) and James Hills-Ingyon (c) will have nothing to worry about.

Please do join them weekly for the games followed by mandatory post-match celebrations at the Sportsman’s Bar.