Ladies' D Team

The D team, who have famously become known as the unicorns, is the magical creature in the HKFC hockey section. The Ds play in the First Division, and find themselves up against (and beating) the Cs – there is no Club derby so fraught as a Cs v Ds match! The Ds have had a very successful last few seasons and, as a result, have team spirit like no other team in the section – for them, it's always a "great day" for a win, and you will always find them toasting that win in the Sportsmans afterwards!

HKFC Hockey_LadiesDTeam3

Team sheet 

Laura Bell (C)
Melissa Harrington (GK)
Ellie Poulton
Katie Potter
Gayble Tsang
Christina Matula-Hakli
Aisling Dwyer
Helen Dowding
Vinci Cheung
Fiona Squair
Shira Kim
Katy Daly
Sophie Poulton
Ella Fraser
Hannah Blumberg
Nicole Mrosek
Caroline Drewett