Ladies' C Team

Competing in Hong Kong’s First Division, the C team are not often found outside of the league’s top three, and they are always battling to win. With a number of experienced, cool-headed ladies and a number with youthful ambition and firey flair, watching our ladies' Cs on Saturday afternoon will never disappoint.  Definite contenders for Prem B, this team is our Ladies' Captain's "one-to-watch" this season.


Team sheet

Mathe Van Wilsum - Co-Captain
Eleanor Batterham - Co-Captain
Helen John
Jasmin Lau
Natalie Tse
Lyric Clarke
Phoebe Fraser
Ida Wong
Jocelyn Teh
Vivian Lee
Katie Daly
Leena Madhvani
Jess Kwok
Anna Aiello
Amelia McColl
Emily Norris
Emma De Ronde
Sophie Maloney
Annabel Ballie