Mission Statement


The Hong Kong Football Club Hockey Section provides a vehicle for Club members and their families to play the game of hockey and to socialise with fellow members and guests of the Club;

The Section represents the best interests of its members both internally and externally to the Club;

The Section promotes the game of hockey, fosters friendships or partnerships with other Club Sections, societies and activity groups as well as other hockey clubs in Hong Kong and overseas.



  • Providing an equal opportunity to all Members and prospective members of the Club to play hockey at an appropriate level.
  • Improving the skills of all players through opportunities for appropriate training and coaching.
  • Encouraging social interaction in the Section and the Club.
  • Fostering a spirit of ‘fair play’ among Section Members both on and off the field.
  • Promoting the sport of hockey among young people.
  • Increasing the accessibility of hockey to local players.



  • To run as many teams as are required to provide opportunities for all Members and prospective members to play hockey.
  • To maximise participation by Club Members.
  • To promote and organise mini-hockey and youth hockey within the Club.
  • To send Section representative teams overseas.
  • To uphold Club and Section bye-laws and articles of association. To meet targets within confirmed budgets.
  • To maintain open communication on all hockey matters with Section Members and the General Committee