Guv Dillon had a strong Hong Kong Football Club lineage, having gone through the mini hockey program to play for both the Men’s A Team and the Hong Kong National Team. On top of his playing duties, he took great interest in developing the ability of others, be they were children or adults long past their best, but still keen to learn. He had a wonderful ability to connect to children and was a major influence on many young players under his tutelage in our mini-hockey program. His coaching extended beyond the club and into the local schools and community. It was important to him that as many children, whatever the background, should be exposed to the joy of hockey and the personal empowerment of taking part in team sports.

The hockey section has set up the Guv Dillion Fund to continue his work in both the community and in the sport.


Our mission statement is:

                         “To assist disconnected Hong Kong children to re-engage with their community through sport”.

The aim of the fund is to:

1)      Raise money to implement our mission statement

2)      Contribute to charities or activities that fulfill our mission statement

3)      Establish a program to directly assist children who can be helped through sport.

The flagship event for the fund will be an annual ball, but we hope that as many members of the section will find their own way to raise money for the program.

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