Men's B Team

The B team is the only Men's second XI to compete within Hong Kong’s Premier Division, a testament to the strength and depth of Football Club hockey.  Promoted to the league in 2011, they are now an established outfit there, able to compete with the majority of challengers, and running their A team Club mates close on an increasing number of occasions.  The team often provides the first steps into Premier Division hockey for the Club’s most promising young players, whilst a core of experienced twenty-somethings also ensure the team is never short of a social gathering or two.


Team sheet
James Hills-Ingyon - Captain
Ali Akbar
Hin Cheung
Chris Ball
Chun Yan Poon
David Pratt
James Fearnside
Conrad Wasmuth
Daniel Bernal
Si Hon Lo
James Callaway
Ravi Dillon
Nicholas Lee
James Shepherdson
Patrick Milburn
Rory Davis
Justin Mak
Michael Shepherdson
Chris Marshall
Justin Lau