Men's C Team

Competing in Hong Kong’s First Division, the C team, are not often found outside of the league’s top three.  The team comprises a great balance of former As and Bs players enjoying the slightly slower pace of hockey a league down, as well as talented younger players keen to develop themselves among Football Club’s well-structured set-up. The C team are a committed group, training once a week in good numbers, keen to succeed on the pitch, whilst also a great social group off of it. Self-nicknamed "The Management" as players include HKFC Hockey Chairman, Vets Chairman, GC representative and ex-Chairman.

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HKFC Hockey_MensC8
HKFC Hockey_MensC5

Team sheet 

Brad Munt - Captain
Jonathan Broughton
James Piachaud
Julian Lewis
Jeroen Van der Ven
Daisuke Nosu
Nicholas Hawkins
James McClaren
Gareth Mak
James Buchanan
Sam Edwards
Joe Donald
Billy Lambeth
Tsun Wai Li
Derek Siu
Martin So
Myles Landon
Anthony Ford
Chris Page