Men's D Team

The D team, also known as the colts, gives HKFC’s best youth players their first foray into competitive senior hockey. Playing within the highly competent First Division alongside the C team, the league has many skilful players and teams, providing an excellent but challenging environment for the junior players to advance both their technical skills and tactical knowledge of the game. These future-stars are supported by a select group of veteran players, keen to do their part in helping the youth development whilst also adding much needed experience and grit.


Team Sheet

Gwen Laot - Captain
Jerome McDonagh
William Glover
Conrad Szymanski
Douglas Corbel
Orien Daly
Gus Emmerson
Tek Lio Lau
Stuart Mayo
Sam Pijpers
Stephen Rook
Adrian Ho
Jonny Ervine
Damien Tarala
David Evans
Suravudhi Sukumganjana
Simon Chapman
James O'Shea
Matthew Ma
Christopher Studholme-Wilson
Chi Kit Linus Hui
Findlay Mayo
Loughlin Davidson
Andrew Boulton
Darren Siu
Max Norris