Men's E Team

The Men’s E team stand as the sole Club representative in Hong Kong’s Second Division.  Whilst some players may not have the legs they used to, the E team still boasts a ton of experience and ability, and the team remains as competitive and eager to win as any once out on the pitch.  They are a regular within the top half of the league, and never far away from claiming the top spot.


Team sheet

Rajat Mathur - Captain
James Billett
Timothy Loh
Robert Ridland
Robert Wilkinson
Matthew Truman
Simon Archer-Perkins
Matt Burke
Timothy Cairns
Jason Durbridge
Graham Dove
Justin Davidson
Connor O'Donovan
Jonathan Brock
Craig Wilkinson
Nick Studholme-Wilson
Anthony Pugh
Arno Nieuwland
Stephen Bruce
Gustav Von Schiller
Alex Engel
Maarten Kwik
Charlie Poulton
Justin Lancelotte
Christian Keegan