Men's F Team

The F team is one of two Club teams to compete within the HKHA Third Division.  The team contains many veteran players, and whilst not as quick as they might have been in the days when they played on grass – for this is a team that overwhelmingly learned their trade on grass – the team still hosts a number of big hitters and guys able to do the job required.  Whilst warm-ups are not quite as dynamic as up the divisions, they are perhaps more necessary, and the large squad numbers aim to negate the injuries which inevitably crop up every season.

HKFC Hockey_Mens F2

Team sheet

John Banks - Captain
Angus Davidson
Anthony Mitchell
Chris Brice
Clive Miners
David Watt
Eugene Cheuk
Fergus McCoig
Gilson Chua
Gordon Marsden
Jeroen Touw
Lyle Williams
Luis Portocarrero
Piers Brunner
Neil Galloway
Erik Bernasco
Will Probert
Piers Brunner
Matthew Brook
Rob Barker
Simon Shepherdson
Kieran Wong
Him Lui
Russell Tyre
Stephen Smart
Patrick Lam
Taha Boty
Philipp Von Luettichau
Kailan Sharpless