Men's H Team

The H team, the last of the Football Club’s men’s teams, play in the HKHA Fifth Division.  Here is where many of the Club’s most experienced and veteran players find themselves, with a large squad balancing out players who often may be absent through travel with work, family commitments, or injury.  Nevertheless, the team is still capable of surprises, and like all the other HKFC teams, all business once they’re on the pitch – don’t listen to instructions on the pitch, and the captain is sure to let you know about it!


Team sheet 

Ralph G - Captain
Alan P
Anthony B
Billy D
Chee IP
Chris G
Chris J
David L
David T
Geoff R
Joel C
Julien U
Martin L
Mike E
Neil N
Prakash K
Quentin B
Sam O
Shaun D
Stephen P
Timo K
Tom  Y
Tony W
Walter M