Ladies' B Team

As on the Men's side, the Ladies' Bs is the only second XI to compete within Hong Kong’s Premier Division.  They are one of the stalwarts of the Prem, a plucky bunch of ladies who never give up, and who regularly leave the pitch victors over another club's first XI. With the split in the Premier Division at Christmas (into Prem A and Prem B), the ultimate aim of the Bs is to finish in the top four.


Team sheet

Elena Hobson (C)
Dorothy Yip (GK)
Babs Glancy
Sammie Hill
Claire Murphy
Rebecca Wilcox
Sophie Lindsay
Jo Cardwell
Gabby Kitney
Grace Lant
Vivian Lee
Brianne Laot
Anika De Blank
Georgia Verity
Mari Chow
Natalie Tse