Ladies' C Team

Competing in Hong Kong’s First Division, the C team are not often found outside of the league’s top three, and they are always battling to win. With a number of experienced, cool-headed ladies and a number with youthful ambition and firey flair, watching our ladies' Cs on Saturday afternoon will never disappoint.  Definite contenders for Prem B, this team is our Ladies' Captain's "one-to-watch" this season.


Team sheet

Helen John (C)
Tin Yan Yip (Yoyo) (GK)
Jess Kwok
Lynsey Edgar
Leena Madhvani
Emma De Ronde
Emily Norris
Jessica O'Neill
Joan Wan
Lyric Clarke
Sarah McGrath
Sophie Poulton
Isabel Li
Gabby Kitney
Brianne Laot
Ingrid Leong
Amanda Glover
Anika De Blank