Ladies' F Team

The F team, or Dinos, is the stuff of legends, competing in the Second Division alongside the E team. The Dinos have, arguably, the most competitive selection policy in the ladies' section and to gain a coveted spot on the team is truly a sign that you have made it at HKFC. The team contains many veteran players – most of whom played for the As back in the day. Whilst not as spritely as they might have been then, this is not a team to be underestimated. Famous for their touring and their long history of fantastic contributions to the section, the Dinos are a force to be reckoned with, on and off the pitch.


Team sheet

Claire Fulton (C)
Cath Gibbs (VC)
Ida Wong (GK)
Ingrid Chan
Claire Frost
Lucy Fennell
Liz Dendle
Heather Deayton
Lisa Foley
Florence Chu
Joanne Braithwaite
Kirsty Smith
Anna Evans
Paula Wymond
Yeng Ping Ng
Alison Cabrelli
Diane May
Kathryn Munt
Pat Cunningham
Dawn Strachan
Caroline Foley
Helen Hayward