Ladies' G Team

Our gorgeous Gs kicked off the season on a high, demolishing Elite B 1–0 and KCC C 5–0 early on, and setting thestage for a smashing year ahead. The new challenge of a higher division proved to be just what the doctor ordered, with a couple of humbling games causing the Gs to rise to the challenge, evolving into the fiercecompetitors they were destined to be, and winning their last game against KCC C 3 – 0.


Team sheet

Christine Lloyd (C)
Annie McManus (C)
Alexandra McCarroll
Annabel Baillie
Anthea Murray
Brianna Thorp
Chloe Leung
Christina Lum
Christine Wood
Colette Davis
Dora Chan
Jane Wakeman
Jen Flowers
Johanna Harras-Wolf
Jo Fargus
Karen Lee-Thorne
Kate Geary
Lauren Levine
Lisa Glasgow
Louise Clark
Michelle Page
Nari Kennedy-Price
Penny Austin
Rhona Barr