Men's A Team

The Men’s A team plays in the Premier Division and is always pushing to contend for silverware, particularly in the Guv Dillon Cup. Team members have, over the years, competed in top leagues across England, Australia, and Europe, with many former international and state-level players having pulled on the A team socks, and a number of youth players have come through the HKFC ranks to join them.

Coached by Arif Ali and captained by Arshad Muhammad


Team Sheet

Arshad Muhammad (C)
Imran Shah (GK)
Ishtiaq Malik
Ken Tsang
Byron Poon
Dev Dillon
Felix Studholme-Wilson
Gurman Dhillon
Harpal Singh
Jaffar Muhammad
James Shepherdson
Michael Shepherdson
Joel Langley
Matthew Ma
Taman Singh
Toby Hooker
Windfall Monthong