Men's C Team

Competing in Hong Kong’s First Division, the C team, are not often found outside of the league’s top three.  The team comprises a great balance of former As and Bs players enjoying the slightly slower pace of hockey a league down, as well as talented younger players keen to develop themselves among Football Club’s well-structured set-up. The C team are a committed group, training once a week in good numbers, keen to succeed on the pitch, whilst also a great social group off of it. Self-nicknamed "The Management" as players include HKFC Hockey Chairman, Vets Chairman, GC representative and ex-Chairman.

HKFC HOckey_MensC_3
HKFC Hockey_MensC5

Team sheet 

James Piachaud - Captain
Jonathan Broughton - Vice Captain
Chris Page - GK
Danny Bernal
Te Rau Brown
Joseph Donald
Sam Edwards
Anthony Ford
Nicholas Hawkins
James Hills-Ingyon
Dicky Lau
James McClaren
Tom Moore
Brad Munt
Daisuke Nosu
Tom Rhodes
Stephen Rook
Derek Siu
Jeroen Van der Ven
Stuart Walker