Men's G Team

The second of the Club’s Third Division sides, the G team is one defined by grit and spirit. The team shares many of the same traits as the F team and has shown itself capable of beating higher ranked Club-mates, a feat unmatched (thus far) by the Ds and Bs in the First and Premier Divisions respectively.   Many of the F team players arrived to the game later in life, though they are none the less able and willing to turnout throughout the season to push the team to do better than that before.


Team sheet

Wing Wong - Captain
Edward Cheung - Vice Captain
Darren Foo
Mekail Ahmed
Daniel Billig
Stephen Bottomley
Mike Button
Jim Dore
Jamie Evans
Martin Harris
Mark Kan
Andrew Kidd
Prakash Kirpalani
Cyrus Law
Bertie Leung
Maurice Mak
Lou Man
Daniel Martin
Ashley Micklewright
Wilkie Ngai
Ashwin Padgaonkar
Oscar Poelmann
James Radcliff
Rene Theil
Russell Wilkinson
Chris Windle
Geoffrey Wong
Jason Yates