HKFC Hockey Jun Yuoke goalie

HKFC Hockey Team: E Team

Position: Goalie

How long have you been playing, and where did you start: 37 Years. Started at Keio High School in Yokohama, Japan

How long have you been playing at HKFC: 2.5years

What’s been your HKFC hockey highlight: 
1. Runner up of Division 2 as D Team (just 2 points difference)
2. Become Plate Champion and man of the match at HKFC Easter 6s on 2010 when I played for SCC. The final was against the Club.

What’s been your overall hockey career highlight:
1. 2011 International Masters Tournament, played for 45s of Singapore. Became 4th in the world, and given best opponent player award from Australian Team.

2. 2009 ISCI Tournament, Champion playing for SCC.
3. played as a team mate or opponents with Medalist and Olympians, such as Mark Precious, Bram Lomans, Brett Garrard, Gary Fidelis and many others.

Favourite thing about playing for HKFC: coaches, team mates, pitch, atmosphere. Everything !!

Where are you off to next and will you be continuing to play hockey: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Availablilty based on coming back to HK to play on the weekend.

Tell us something about yourself you don’t think other people would know: I do not like sea food. It is quite unusual as Japanese.