HKFC Hockey Team: This season, since it was short I am playing for the Fs, but the team who I played with for the longest was the D team. 

Position: GK

How long have you been playing, and where did you start: I played for about a year for the Lima Cricket Club, Peru, as a goalie, then I was asked to play for the Club once when there was a shortage of goalies. Was offered to join the Club thereafter and the rest is history. All combined a total of 20 years of hockey. 

How long have you been in Hong Kong: Almost 24 years. 

How long have you been playing at HKFC: Since 1995.

HKFC Hockey Lucho photo collage

What’s been your HKFC hockey highlight: I never won a league title, but was second way too many times. A highlight would be playing for 4 teams in one day (Bs, C’s D’s and G’s) two matches in KP, one at Club and one in Valley. Back then the rules were not as strict! Won all 4…

What’s been your overall hockey career highlight: I won a few short tournaments but nothing compares to playing for the club, HKFC, that I love so much.

Favourite thing about playing for HKFC: 
The hockey section, all the friends that I made and I love so much. My Sundays will never be the same.

Where are you off to next and will you be continuing to play hockey: Going back to New York. From research, I haven’t found much men’s hockey going on there, just ladies tournaments. As one of my team mates say, maybe you should become coach for one of those ladies teams then…hummm…

Tell us something about yourself you don’t think other people would know: During my first two years at the club I played hockey having cataracts on both eyes. I was only 26. Not the greatest health problem for a goalie to have!