How long have you been playing, and where did you start: I started playing hockey at Island School when I was 10 years old.

What’s been your HKFC hockey highlight: I have a few highlights from my time at HKFC. I was very fortunate to play in the same team as both of my sisters – Babs and Amanda. Being part of the coaching team and coaching the D team is an absolute pleasure! And finally winning the 2022-2023 Premier Division after a challenging start to the season due to a number of changes to our roster due to Covid and the arrival of the next generation of players.

What’s been your overall hockey career highlight: Representing Hong Kong at the Asian Games in Doha 2006 and Jakarta 2018, and winning the Asian Games Qualifier 2022.

Favourite thing about playing for HKFC: The community! Especially my teammates and coaches, and all the support from the entire section. It’s the perfect balance of social and competitive hockey.

Tell us something about yourself you don’t think other people would know: I scored a goal on my birthday for Hong Kong when I was 15.

Katy is captain of the Ladies’ As. She is also a member of the HKFC Coaching Team, coaching the Ladies’ Ds. She is also a member of the Hong Kong national squad.  


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