Emily in the 2016 Holland Cup Final against Valley

Emily in the 2016 Holland Cup Final against Valley


HKFC Hockey team: Ladies’ As


Position: Anywhere that’s not on the right. 


How long have you been playing, and where did you start: I got poached from playing football for the illustrious Stevenage Borough FC when I was 12. I followed in the footsteps of HKFC’s Claire Watson, making my way from Letchworth HC to Hong Kong via various national league sides – you could say Claire’s been my inspiration.


How long have you played at HKFC: Coming up to 3 years


What’s been your HKFC hockey highlight: Pat losing her passport on our New Zealand tour. It voids all of the items I lose on a weekly basis.


What’s been your overall hockey career highlight: Generally just being able to play again following my leg nearly getting the chop 


Favourite thing about playing for HKFC: Sophie Lindsay’s cabaret performances.


Tell us something about yourself you don’t think other people would know: Butterflies and moths make me feel physically sick