It feels almost strange to be
approaching the halfway point in the
season, given that we experienced
so much disruption over the last two
years. That said, it also feels fantastic,
and it has been superb to see the
Section rallying together over the
last three months or so – with some
tremendous results and memorable
fixtures! At the time of writing, with all
leagues approaching the conclusion of
the first round of fixtures, it is great to
see so many teams contending for the
top spot in their leagues! Hopefully the
second round brings a little bit of extra
luck for the stragglers.

A few pieces of ‘boring’ admin from me:

• Squads are light, almost without
exception. I ask that you prioritise
your hockey fixtures at the weekend
over other social engagements.
If a team is light because of people
being out at brunches, junks or
hangovers, there will not be much
tolerance for disrupting squads
further down the ranks!

• “ICE contacts” – please ensure your
“in case of emergency” contacts are
in TeamSnap. We have had a few
serious injuries over the last couple
of weeks, and we need to be able to
contact your better halves / parents
/ significant others if necessary.

• Get your tickets for the GDF NYE
bash – it is selling out fast and it has
been so long since we had a proper
party! Dust off those gladrags!

As we approach the end of the year,
with the festive season likely in full swing
by the time you read this, it feels like
a good time for reflection. As with
2020, 2021 has not been easy.
Our lives continue to be universally
disrupted by the impact of COVID,
the associated restrictions and the
ongoing uncertainty – families continue
to be separated and every day feels
like Groundhog Day. As I look forward
to 2022, I am hopeful that we will see
some change for the better. In the
meantime, let’s continue to enjoy the
“normality” of being on the pitch with
our teammates, friends and hockey
family. Let us continue to remember
that Hockey is More Than A Game.
Continue to fight for each other,
play for each other, encourage each
other and pick up your teammates
when they fall. Toast the wins and
commiserate the losses. We are
One Club.

I wish you and your families a very
Merry Christmas and best wishes for
2022, and I hope to see you all on the
Smurf and in the Sportsman’s over the
coming weeks.

Lynsey Edgar
Chair, Hockey Section

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